Kerbal World Editor .21.1

Posted: 12 okt 2013 by Daniel

So I've been playing more Kerbal Space Program.
I've had some help designing a new interface for my kerbal world editor app.
Which let's you export and import flying craft. And incidently, copy them.

This is a beta release, so have as much fun as you can with it. And report back any errors.

- Download KerbalWorldEditor- (239KB)
- Download (446KB)
  • Options:
    • Export / Import Craft, Kerbals and Flags
    • Control fuel and power with sliders
    • Edit all parts and thier values
    • Docking ports won't stop working anymore
    • Automatic backups, which can be restored from menu
    • Change craft type
    • Remove craft
    • And all sorts of stuff with the Values tab
    • Confirmed working with .21 and .21.1

  • Known issues:
    • Experienced kerbals option don't work
    • Kerbals are not exported with the craft
    • Search options don't work
To duplicate/copy craft with this you should do the following:

* Launch your craft into orbit
* Export it using the editor
* RCS in some direction, or the copied craft will spawn inside the first
* Exit to the start menu
* Import the exported craft using the editor
* Save your changes
* Now go back to your craft, there should now be another close by.

Kerbal World Editor, for kerbal space program 18.2

Posted: 17 jan 2013 by Daniel

So I've been playing this game called Kerbal Space Program.
It's a nifty physics simulator where you build and launch your own rockets to into space and visit other planets.

After playing a while with a friend, and reading the forums, I see that sharing craft/vessels is popular. Since you can easily copy the craft designs saved .craft files.
But you could not share landed or orbiting craft.

So I've made a program which let's you export/import orbiting or landed craft.

- KerbalWorldEditor-v0.1.1.7z (177KB)
- KerbalWorldEditor-v0.1.1.rar (199KB)
- (548KB)

Export craft
Import craft
To/From Clipboard, File, Text etc...
Edit craft
Refuel craft

And I have included, in the download, a few vessels that I would like to share.(see pictures above)


Parabolic Cardboard WiFi reflector

Posted: 13 apr 2011 by Daniel

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a WiFi freak, playing around with aircrack-ng in vmware i needed some more signal. (for the uninformed, aircrack is a wireless network penetration testing tool)

I already own a few adapters from Namely the all famous Alfa AWUS036H (500mW version), along with a high quality d-link 7dbi omni direction antenna.
So what do you do when you want more signal free? you build your own parabolic reflector =D This one gave me 45 total networks instead of 34 with just the omni, my unstable connections now have a solid signal.

These were built from referencing :

Bluray laser glow in the dark stencil drawing robot

Posted: 07 apr 2011 by Daniel

For some time I have been toying with a couple of servos and a bluray laser. The bluray laser wavelength of 405nm is ideal for activating glow materials.

So with a small amount of trigonometry I've created a laser plotter, that will draw an, almost, undistorted stencil on a glow in the dark painted background.

Glow inc V10 green glow powder: (I bought 1kg which was $160, you won't need this much)

Pololu Maestro Servo controller board: $20, an excellent tiny servo controller board, provides support)

A couple of servo motors from
and a servo signal operated on/off switch for the laser, also from Hobbyking

Kinect Sensor & OpenNI

Posted: 04 mar 2011 by Daniel

I've been toying with the Kinect sensor a bit, projects page has a bit more detail, but take a look at this video

Welcome to

Posted: 30 nov 2010 by Daniel

Testing CMS, one two three four five six

*Edit, google dosnt like Lorem ipsum

Hi there! my name is Daniel

Posted: 30 nov 2010 by Daniel

And this is my new website, dedicated to me and all of my doings.

This website may look simple, but it's really a C# .NET CMS demonstration.

What will you find here? Things about me, things I've done in the past, and things I am currently doing.