Bluray laser glow in the dark stencil drawing robot

Posted: 07 apr 2011 by Daniel

For some time I have been toying with a couple of servos and a bluray laser. The bluray laser wavelength of 405nm is ideal for activating glow materials.

So with a small amount of trigonometry I've created a laser plotter, that will draw an, almost, undistorted stencil on a glow in the dark painted background.

Glow inc V10 green glow powder: (I bought 1kg which was $160, you won't need this much)

Pololu Maestro Servo controller board: $20, an excellent tiny servo controller board, provides support)

A couple of servo motors from
and a servo signal operated on/off switch for the laser, also from Hobbyking

Kinect Sensor in .NET C# and OpenNI

Posted: 27 feb 2011 by Daniel

I've been playing with my Kinect sensor for about a month now, and I've created a simple bubble menu system (and a ton of different alterations) using WPF.NET C# and the OpenNI Kinect Driver and .NET wrapper.

Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a starting point for rendering, as different java libraries hold a ton of effects and functionality. Whenever the menu is supposed to be displayed, my WPF application sends javascript commands directly to the encapsulated browser.
Have a look:

My electric bicycle project

Posted: 30 nov 2010 by Daniel

In the summer of 2010 I had the idea that I would build myself an electric bicycle.

With battery and motor technology maturing to a point where it would be feasible to build something that would actually get me to and from work and school without running out of juice.

I first looked at commercially ready products, 25 kph and 30km range pedal assist bicycles going for somewhere around 1000 Euro I came to the conclussion that I didn't have that kind of money for a joke like that.

So I built my own, and the result was a (including the brand new mountain bike) a 80 kph hour 25 km range LiPo battery powered brushless RC helicopter motor assisted mountain bike. This thing turns heads!

This is the very first testrun

Bluray lasers and glow in the dark paint

Posted: 30 nov 2010 by Daniel

A project I am currently refining and about to complete, is a C# .NET servo controlled bluray laser.

This thing can paint an image on a glow in the dark wall, using a 405nm bluray laser and some quick programming.

Here is a work in progress video

Once completed it can paint any stencil image, text onto a wall that I have painted with glow in the dark paint.